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Hawaii Relocation Through the Military 


Military families who are looking to move to Hawaii will find the state to be a dream location. The beautiful beach and great weather are a wonderful plus to live in a tropical paradise. Buying a home or a condominium will make living on the Island just that much better. 


Military families and personnel can buy or sale a home in Hawaii by using their non taxable housing allowance. The basic allowance for housing can give military families a chance to buy the home of their dreams. The homes in Hawaii are affordable enough to afford town home, condominium, or even a single family home. There are even military bases in Hawaii where military families can fit in nicely. Finding a home that will not be a far commute from a military base would be ideal for most military enlisted personnel. 


Navy Bases in Hawaii 


Two of the biggest navy bases in Hawaii are in Honolulu which consists of the Pacific Missile Range Facility and the famous Pearl Harbor Naval Complex. Hawaii has the greatest population for enlisted Navy officers than any other military branch. Being stationed in Hawaii will give Naval officers and their families many opportunities. Many civilians work at the Pearl Harbor Naval Complex that can give other families that are not enlisted ample opportunities to work at a great place. 


Marine Corp Bases in Hawaii 


The main Marine corp base is in Kaneohe Bay, which is the second largest active duty base in Hawaii. Marine personnel and their families can enjoy the beaches in Kaneohe Bay and Kailua while living in luxurious condominiums near the ocean. The Marine officers and their families can find plenty of other military families to commune with all over the islands. 


Army Bases in Hawaii 


There are three main Army bases in Hawaii which are the Schofield Barracks, Ft. Shafter, and the Tripler Medical Center on the North Shore in Mililani. Military personnel and their families will find many affordable condominiums, town homes, single family homes, and military housing that will be less than places in Honolulu proper. Many of the properties are newly developed homes that will be perfect for any family. 


The Tripler Medical Center has many medical personnel that enjoy the place for its resort like appearance, and for its close proximity to the major freeways that will take them anywhere on the islands. 


Air Force Bases in Honolulu 


The two main Air Force Bases in Hawaii are Bellows Air Force Station and Hickam Air Force Base, as well as a smaller Army Field called Wheeler which are located in the busier parts of Honolulu. Air Force officers who work at these bases will want to find housing near the bases due to the high traffic volume that can make commuting difficult.